Zoe and Vince

Zoe and Vince

Producer Leonizer
Visuals Leonizer
Copywriter Karp Paul
Game Link [Play Force One]
Release Date December 14th, 2010
Version 1.0


Vince has been with Zoe for what seems like a lifetime, but he want to make it official with a shiny ring hidden in his back pocket and a road trip to a romantic hotel to ask her is she would spend the rest of her life with him...or maybe experiment in somethings along the way?




  • The drug dealer in the bathroom's name is 40 Cent which is a play on the name of American rapper 50 Cent.
  • The message in the bottle at Panorama Beach says "Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus" which is Latin for "never tickle a sleeping dragon".

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