On behalf of the LoP team, we would like to welcome you to the official LoP Wikia and Fandom page. Here you can find everything LoP from games, to ladies and even some surpise updates! There are just a few rules to follow:

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2) Add Don't Subtract - One of the things we love it to add new inforation to our pages that we may have overlooked or may have mistakenly placed. Changes are encouraged, but deletion of information or pages as a whole will not!

3) Censored Pictures Only - As we are mearly guests of this page, we must follow Wikia/Fandom's agreements which includes "No nudety or sexual images". This means any pictures depicting nipples, genitals (male or female), public hair and butt cracks (no joke) may not be seen. If adding an image, they MUST be censored.

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