Producer Leonizer
Visuals Jaszczur
Copywriter Jaszczur
Game Link [Play Force One]
Release Date December 16th, 2010
Version 0.97


It's the year 2097 and a mysterious man named Thorn lives on Earth, or what is left of it. Acid rain, destroyed cities, and the rise of the class system over nations and countries. Thorn must try to solve a case at the cost of his life, but what truly lies between the lines of this case may change the course of the future.


  • Style: Choose Your Adventure
  • Achievements: 8
  • Endings: 3
  • Bonus: For every achievement that players unlocks, they will unlock bonus artwork from the game.



  • Due to the success of Thorn-E, Lesson of Passion release a gold game called Thorn-E: Virtual Passion. However, it is not a sequel to the game itself, but a stand alone game.

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