Teen Fangbangers

Teen Fangbangers

Producer Leonizer
Visuals Strutter
Copywriter Agrippa
Game Link [Play Force One]
Release Date January 31, 2013
Version 0.90


Sandra has known Bianca throughout her college years. But when Bianca comes back talking about an amazing night with a vampire and with bite marks are her neck, Sandra becomes both afraid and a bit intrigued. Bianca invites her friend to meet this man and watch her make love with him.




  • During the game, there is a copy of the book Twilight on Sandra's bed. Twilight is a famous novel about a woman who begins to fall in love with a vampire.
  • Sandra makes a reference to the American movie Dredd, talking about a drug that would slow down time for the user.
  • The term "ergo" that Bianca says is Latin for "therefore".
  • The Hungarian language is heavily used in the game with such phrases such as kisasszony (Ms.) and szép lány (beautiful girl).