Sensual Haunting

Sensual Haunting

Producer Leonizer
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Release Date March 1st, 2015


Sammy Granville, or Sam as he was known as, lives in a house where he died, forever lingering and morning his death and trying to put the missing pieces to why he has died. But his life has changed, when his house was purchased by a family who relocated for business reasons, his new immortality had a purpose again.

The daughter is frustrated with the new surroundings and neighbors, the mother is sexual deprived by her husband's attention to his work and not her. All that energy feed Sam until he gained more power. He knew then if he continued to feed these desire and feed off their energy, he could live forever or at least find out what his life was like before death.




  • If players find 5 of the 10 achievements they will unlock "10 Day Mode", which allows the player to not only skip the introduction but have their stats increased and put them on the tenth day.