Sensual Alchemist

Sensual Alchemist

Producer Leonizer
Release Date 2013


With Codec, college life is a huge bust! No parties, no alcohol and the woman of his dreams is with the biggest jerk on campus. But all is not lost with our young hero, as he has a love for the ancient art of alchemy. When discovering an old book in the library with a way to possibly resurrecting another fellow alchemists from the past, could be his ticket to having a relationship with someone who shares his interest. Or could he use his new found hobby to try and bring the girl of his dreams to his arms. But why stop there? Why not have the entire female coed on campus become your own playthings? Decisions, decisions...


  • Style: Adventure
  • Achievements: 0
  • Endings: 4



  • The school where the game takes place, Miskatonic University, is based on a fictional school based on author H.P. Lovecraft's fictional town of Arkham.

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