Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent

Producer Leonizer
Visuals Bubx
Copywriter Kinglywarrior
Game Link [Play Force One]
Release Date May 18th, 2016
Version 0.86


The life as a real estate agent has it's up and downs and is a mostly commissioned based career, but in the hands of Francis Queen, there is never a dull moment in the terms of finance. But in sacrificing for his career, he suffered in his personal life. Now, he decided to dedicate more of his time to try and find love.




  • On February 13th, 2015, LoP showed off the first few pictures of artwork for the game, but no additional details.
  • The original title of was called Real Estate Romance.
  • Stella says that two people, Druce Billis and Romaldo, were interested in buying real estate from her company. These names are based off of real people; the American film actor Bruce Willis and Portuguese football player Ronaldo.
  • The game is based in the Beverly Hills, one of the richest properties in the United States.

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