Passion Hotel

Passion Hotel

Producer Leonizer
Copywriter Karp Paul
Release Date January 19, 2010
Version 1.04


Tom and Carry are two co-workers who find passion in other things besides their work. The decide to go to the Passion Hotel to discuss both professional and personal matters.


  • Style: Choose Your Adventure
  • Achievements: 9
  • Endings: 6
  • Bonus: Artwork code that can be entered at the main menu



  • The music for the game was provided by artist Kmax.
  • Although Susan does appear in the bonus pictures, she is unable to be romanced in the game.
  • There are several hidden secrets that can be clicked on in the game. One is for a game that was intended to be released caled Interview with Passion. Another includes a picture of Kelly from Kelly Adventures. The final secret is that the player can make Susan, the receptionist, topless.