Outcast Academy: Naughty Girls Sim

Outcast Academy Screen

Producer Leonizer
Copywriter Agripa, Graen, Writerchick24
Game Link []
Release Date February 2011


Is your daughter violent? Has she fallen into the wrong crowd and being tempted with drugs and alcohol? Afraid she will one day end up in prison or dead? Then send her to Outcast Academy, school for troubled girls! Here teachers will teach your daughter the errors of their ways in hopes that they can re-enter society a brand new woman! We have simple rules: no drugs, no alcohol, no boys, no sex, and no fights. May the rehabilitation process begin!




Voodoo Girls
On January 16th, 2014, Outcast Academy released an expansion for the Naughty Girls Sim called Voodoo Girls. This expansion Includes:
  • Two New Girls: Caytlyn and Sasha
  • One New Ending
  • 4 New Achievements
  • New Stories with Nurse and Biology Teacher


  • On February 1st, 2015 the LoP team added the Outcast Academy: Naughty Girls Sim with the Voodoo Girls expansion to the LoP Gold site. The only major change was that the game limited the number of achievements from its previous amount of 18 to the standard 10 that is featured in all gold games.

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