Outcast Academy Episodes

Outcast Academy

Producer Leonizer
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Welcome to Outcast Academy, school for troubled girls. Here they have everyone from runaways, troublemakers and even daughters of crime bosses, all sent here for rehabilitation to help them reenter society. Every episode, players will find out about each of the girls who are currently enrolled in the academy as the attempt to better themselves. But must follow the rules: no boys, no drugs, and no sex. That seems easy to follow...right?



Episode List

  1. Sandra Machalik
  2. Joanne Thomas
  3. Mandy Moore
  4. Sandy Sthiller
  5. Caytlyn Langley
  6. Ruby Lang
  7. Cherry Blossom
  8. Sandy Sthiller
  9. Becca Thomson
  10. Nadia Kurlycheva
  11. Jennifer Langley
  12. Naomi Cambell
  13. Sandra Machalik
  14. Erika Blackham
  15. Sandy Sthiller
  16. Joanne Thomas
  17. Caytlyn Langley
  18. Ruby Lang
  19. Tia Carrara
  20. Jennifer Langley
  21. Nadia Kurlycheva
  22. Mandy Moore
  23. Nereida Jennet
  24. Mandy Moore
  25. Naomi Cambell
  26. Maria & Carla
  27. Maria & Carla


  • The roommate pairings are: Becca/Joanne, Sandy/Naomi, Ruby/Jen, Caytlyn/Sandra, Erika/Cindy, and Mandy/Nadia.
  • The founder of Outcast Academy was Mary Pipkins, a former Sergent of the military.
  • The only teacher with a name is the math teacher, Ms. Flamberg.

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