Mysterious Island

Mysterious Island

Producer Leonizer
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Waking up in strange place is never a good thing for anyone. But when you wake up and have no idea of who you are, where you are or how you got there, could sound like the best party story ever! But then fill this place with half-dead zombies and deadly animals and it becomes a horror story straight from the deepest parts of your nightmares!




  • If players buy magazines from the village shop, they will be treated to LoP cameos of characters and games. Including Lisa and Tracy from Living with Temptation, Charlotte from Girl with Tattoos, Kendra, Naomi and Reiko from College Romance, and Paula from My Sex Date: Paula.
  • When traveling to the lake, Garick will find a dead body and ask if it is Jeremy Wade. Jeremy Wade is a famous British television personality known for doing nature shows.

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