Jazz: Living with a Nympho

Living with Nympho

Producer Leonizer
Visuals Bubx
Copywriter Daman
Game Link []
Release Date March 15th, 2018


Francis lived his life in the fast lane, winning cases as a lawyer, hitting the clubs up and taking a nice women to his flat every night. All seemed fine until Jazz walked into the club one night. She was like nothing else he had ever seen and before even introducing himself, she was all over him and his cock in the club's bathroom. But soon, things would change between her and him and not for the best as she was arrested at the club after numerous violations. Francis used his skills to take on her case as provide her a place to live during her probation. The question is, was it for the bettering of Jazz's future or for him to corrupt her even further?




  • On September 17th, 2017 LoP teased a new game title featuring several characters from LoP games mixed into one game. The ones they listed include Jazz (House Party), Francis and Stella (Real Estate Agent) and Hank and Rachel (Hank Moody: Divorce with a Smile).
  • On November 10tyh, 2017 LoP announced that the game will be released for LoP Gold.
  • First LoP game to feature a cheat menu as well as feature multiple characters from different LoP titles in one game.