Living with Britney

Living with Britney

Producer Leonizer
Visuals Leonizer
Copywriter Graen
Release Date March 6th, 2012
Version 0.99


Josh loves Britney, simple as that. But when Josh has been unemployed and their sex life slowly declined, Britney is at her whits end. She has given Josh one month to change his attitude and his life style or her needs to find a new place to live and a new girlfriend to be with.




The first expansion to be added was entitled Secret Exhibitions. This expansion includes:
  • New section in the store for buying home decor
  • More Interactions in the Apartment
  • New Date Locations: Picnic in the Park and Movie Night
  • New Day and Night Interactions
  • New Girls:
    • Elly, Britney's best friend with some kinks.
    • Paula, a married woman looking for a young man.
Living with Britney-Glamour

The second expansion to be released was entitles Glamour. This expansion includes:

  • More Interactions with Britney
  • 3 New Endings
  • New Date Location: Art Exhibit
  • New Girl:
    • Ruby, a young inspiring model.


  • If Josh and Britney have a child, they will name him Johnathan.