Lily in Hawaii


Producer Leonizer
Visuals ItMakesMeBlush
Copywriter Daman
Game Link []
Release Date March 23rd, 2017
Version 0.95


Hawaii, a small island off the coast of California and the 50th state/province in the United states. It has been home to active volcanoes, beautiful beaches and is considered the go to place for any couple for a romantic time. Lily and Geoff were now on their way to the island to celebrate their five year anniversary to each other and hopes to reignite the bond and passion with each other or with others.




  • On February 15th, LoP announced that Lily in Hawaii was up next for release and announced that the game was written by Daman and visual artist was ItMakesMeBlush.
  • On March 7th, LoP updated the community on their blog that they would "be able to release the game at the end of this month".
  • Code named "Project Hula".
  • First concept made by Daman.
  • Locations by Yamyoda and Szuga