Kim: The Cheating Wife

Kim Cheating Wife

Producer Leonizer & Oni
Visuals Chestnut Shuffles
Copywriter Lucky
Game Link []
Release Date April 12, 2017
Version .096




  • Style: Choose Your Adventure, Date
  • Achievements: 0
  • Endings: 5



  • In July of 2016, LoP teased an early picture of Kim on thier instagram account.
  • On February 27th 2017, LoP announced the the game stating it was going to be a free game and showed off several images from the game.
  • On April 5th, LoP did an update to their games and stated that Kim: The Cheating Wife would be released "probably next week".
  • The game itself takes place about 6 months after the events of City of Love.

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