Kelly Adventures

Kelly Adventures

Producer Leonizer
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A random text message is sent to you from a beautiful flight attendant named Kelly. She says her company is looking for a few good pilots for the her airlines, Play Force One. Will you accept the call and not only fly to different parts of the world?



Episodes and Requirements

  1. Meeting at the Airport (None)
  2. Briefing (Register Account)
  3. Showing Photos (Gain 20xp)
  4. Sad Story at Parking Lot (Add 3 games to Your Favorites)
  5. Problems with Jay (Complete "Sad Story at Parking Lot")
  6. Kelly's Party (Upload avatar picture)
  7. Departing for Japan (Complete "Kelly's Party")
  8. Coming Back Home (Complete "Airport Talk")
  9. Velvet Bar (Complete "Coming Back Home")


  • These games are only available from
  • The players gain experience by playing a game (1 Point), adding a comment (3 Points) and logging in daily (1 Point). As for the comment section, it is possible to loose points if players leave non relevant comments and even having their accounts banned.