Johnny Bullet

Johnny Bullet

Producer Leonizer
Visuals Chestnut Shuffles
Copywriter Katakana132
Release Date April 2014
Version 0.99


Johnny is not your normal gun for hire for the mafia, he is a respectable member of the "family" making his way up the line. But with great money comes little to no responsibility, tons of respect and some beautiful women ranging from fitness instructor's to even the boss's own daughter!




  • The achievement "Don't Make Me Angry" is a reference to the Marvel comic book Character The Incredible Hulk. The character says the line "Don't make me angry. you wouldn't like me when I am angry" before transforming into the Hulk.
  • The achievement "My Precious" is a reference to the American book series The Lord of Rings. One of the characters, Gollum, hordes a ring and refers to it as precious.
  • When player's choose to have a Little Chat with Shannon, she will tell you that a co-worker wanted to talk to you, but is having trouble with "his wife and a TV repairman". This is a reference to the LoP game Kitsumi: The Cheating Wife.
  • When player's choose to have a Little Chat with Marika, she will say that her last client had to go home to his nanny and wife. This is a reference to the LoP game Living with Temptation.

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