Jacob's Rebound

Jacob's Rebound

Producer Leonizer
Visuals Itmakesmeblush
Copywriter Daman
Game Link []
Release Date November 10, 2016
Version 0.95


Jacob Moore was a big time basketball player who let the fame get to his head. The booze, the drugs and the woman forced his team to throw him out and for the league to ban him.

He used his remaining money to open his own gym and vowed to never touch another drop of alcohol. And with New York being the city of opportunity, there are chances for Jacob to find success and maybe even some love.


  • Style: 30 Day Limit
  • Achievements: 10
  • Endings: 6 (8 with expansion)



  • August 25th, LoP announced that they will add an expansion that was "concentrated about threesomes".
  • On Novmeber 21st, LoP previewed several images for the expansion. Thou still in production the staff was quoted saying "Right now we’ll do everything to release the game next month".
Jacob's Rebound- Menage a Trois

On November 9th, 2017 Lesson of Passion released the expansion for Jacob's Rebound entitles Menage a Trois. It includes:

  • Two new endings
  • Two amazing MMF threesomes scenes
  • 84 new images
  • 11 stunning animations


  • The strip club is named Cat Scratch Club which is a reference to the American musical Rent where one of the main characters, Mimi, works at. Another nod to the musical can be found in Isabelle's stripper name, Angel. Angel is another name of a character from the musical.
  • When Jacob reads the newspaper in the park, he will mention a "fat cat who hates Mondays". This is in reference to the American comic character Garfield, a fat cat who complains about everything (including Mondays).
  • The concert tickets that Jacob buys for Brandi is for a band named "Led Maiden". This is a mash of the two English rock bands, Led Zepplin and Iron Maiden.
  • The expansion name "menage a trois" is a French phrase meaning "household of three" where three people stay in the same house as sexual partners.

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