Jack Wells Investigations: Jade Dildo

Jade Dildo

Producer Ktulhusolutions
Visuals Tokage
Copywriter Ktulhusolutions


Jack Wells' detective agency is loosing clientele and is on the verge of bankrupt. That was until the phone rang and a case fell into his lap. An art collector reported that one of her pieces she bought was stolen from her house. The item; a priceless, Chinese phallic that is famously known as the Jade Dildo.

Now, Jack and his boss Sally have to solve their case if they have any opportunity of staying in the P.I. business and along the way find beautiful women to seductively interrogate!




  • The fictional Jade Dildo came from the Hunan provenance, the name of a real provenance in China famously known for being the home of leader Mao.

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