Hot Wife Story 2

Hot Wife Story 2

Producer Leonizer
Visuals Yamyoda
Copywriter Writerchick24 & Agrippa
Release Date April 2013
Version 0.99


Richard and Michelle are back! The husband and wife team are going out for a wonderful night on the town, including a new club that just opened up. What new experiences and fetishes await this couple?


  • Style: Adventure
  • Achievements: 10
  • Endings: 9



  • In the fast food dinner, Michelle will say, "pity we don't have spaghetti, this would be straight out of Lady and the Tramp." This is a reference to the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp, where the main characters, two dogs, have a romantic spaghetti dinner.
  • Although the game does not feature endings with numerical numbers, the game feature nine unique ending points in the game.

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