Halloween Pumpkin Kick-up

Halloween Pumpkin Pickup

Producer Leonizer
Game Link [Play Force One]
Release Date October 28th, 2010


You decide to walk through the forest on Halloween when a witch emerges from the shadows! She tells you that you are the last part of the ingredient that she needs for a spell, but you on the other hand have a trick up your sleeve!


  • Style: Pickup
  • Achievements: 5
  • Endings: 0
  • Bonus: When players unlock an achievement, they are treated to bonus pictures.



  • The player tells the witch that he read a book called Necronomicon by Abdul Alhazred. This person is actually a fictional horror character by author H. P. Lovecraft from the book of the same name.
  • The school the player mentions is called Arkham University. This is a reference to the fictional town based in Massachusetts in the United Sates that was created by writer H. P. Lovecraft.
  • The Halloween Witch will remove a piece of clothing for every 5 score streak the player gets.

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