Elven Fantasy

Elven Fantasy

Producer Leonizer
Visuals Leonizer
Copywriter Agrippa
Game Link [Play Force One]
Release Date July 10, 2012
Version 0.96


Eil'nes is an elven hunter who is living with her fiance, Rhy'vin. Due to Rhy'vin's condition and a recent mugging, Eil'nes must travel to the city and ask her former lover, Corin for an delay in the payment on their land.




  • The game features a few RPG elements, however it is not classified as an RPG.
  • Several of the creatures you can fight in the woods are Giant Spiders, Swamp Golbin, Hungry Toadie, and Young Werewolf.
  • Rhy'vin requires herbs constantly as he actually is suffering from erectile dysfunction, a common male medical problem where the man's penis is unable to become erect.

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