Eleanor 2

Eleanor 2

Producer Leonizer
Visuals Chestnut Shuffles and Szuga
Copywriter Rahvin
Game Link []
Release Date April 8th, 2016
Version 0.99


A year has passed since Drake made Eleanor pay back the money she spent from his account and much has changed. Drake was promoted, leaving little to no problem for money, Eleanor was allowed to feel satisfied sexually when Drake was sent on long business trips. But as time went on, the cheating, the secret meetings and the long vacations that Drake took away from the home, made Eleanor lonely and bored.

Opportunity came with a new start in the form of Drake leaving his old company and starting a new one in a new city. Should Eleanor find romance with her husband? Find another person to satisfy her needs? Or something more?





Eleanor 2 Version 1.11 Announcement

On April 11th, LoP announced on their blog that additional content would be released for Eleanor 2. On April 21st, LoP releases version 1.11, which includes 6 animations and 80 new images along with 3 new events:

  • Bikini Conspiracy- Drake has another client that he would like Eleanor to help with.
  • Night Out with Samantha- After her son is off to college, she calls Eleanor for her first girls night out.
  • The Nightmare Returns- Don Mario has a special client for Eleanor; Kevin!
    ELE2 EXP2

    Eleanor 2 Version 1.21 Announcement

On May 12th LoP announced a new Expansion for Eleanor 2. On July 19th, LoP released version 1.21 and added three more events to Eleanor 2 which included 37 new images and 7 new animations:

  • Strip Night with Drake- Eleanor invites Drake to the strip club where a fiery red head dances and can provide "other services".
  • That's My Son!- Samantha found out that Eleanor gave her phone number to her son and demands an explanation.
  • Pushing the Limits with Amelia- Away from the office, Eleanor and Amelia get along fairly well. But when you out them in a VIP section of the strip club, the line between co-workers can get erased completely.


  • On August 26th, 2015, LoP released character presentations of all the characters for Eleanor 2.
  • The achievement "Twisted Dreams" shows Eleanor in several other LoP titles including Seducing the Throne, 13 Rooms and Spy: Agent 069.
  • If Eleanor becomes pregnant she would name the child Melissa if it's a girl and Harry if it's a boy.
  • On November 24th, Lop announced on their blog that they were able to update the Eleanor model to be featured in future games and that they are in current pre production for Eleanor 3.