7 Day Quest

7 Day Quest

Producer Leonizer
Game Link []
Release Date October 17th, 2011


As a private detective, Jack Wells is probably the worst of the worst. That all changed when he got a job from a troubled husband who believe his wife is being unfaithful. He is wanting to make sure and is willing to offer $10,000 to find out! Jack now has one week to compile as much evidence as possible for the biggest payday of his career. But in a town full of beautiful women, can Jack stay focused on the task at hand?




  • Upon its release, 7 Day Quest was the first free game offered from the Sex and Glory website.
  • Though it is not posted on the Sex and Glory website, players can still play this game by finding the link by searching for it with a internet browser. Also, the game is also featured on their sister site, Play Force One.
  • This was the first game that featured a collaboration between Lesson of Passion and ktulhusolutions.